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Is Webflow's Paste Menu Not working?

Paste Menu Not working? For web applications like Webflow, copy and paste functionality are central to their usability. But sometimes, it seems glitchy, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all. Sometimes you get nothing, and sometimes you get a script error. But Webflow’s not alone in this- I’ve seen a number of web-based apps face similar challenges. So what’s happening? Most likely, when this happens, we’re facing a browser security issue. Here’s why. As a user, if you issue a Paste command from your system to your web browser, you’re explicitly giving permission for your system to share its current clipboard data with the target website. You do this through CTRL+V or CTRL+INS on Windows, CMD+V on a Mac, or sometimes using a right-click system menu. But if a webpage presents you with a “Paste data” button or menu item, you click it- then the website runs a script that must request data from the clipboard. To us, that feels like pretty much the same thing, but in fact it’s entirely different. If javascript has unrestrained ability to read the clipboard, then every single website can grab whatever’s on your clipboard, at any moment. What do you copy? Bank account number? Passwords? Personal data? How many websites do you visit in a day? How many browser tabs do you have open right now? I’d guess maybe 200 on my system. Having multiple monitors and 9 virtual desktops cooking isn’t always a good thing. It makes sense that when it comes to the ability for browsers seem much more strict about that. Scripts that write data to the clipboard seem much less restricted, which also makes sense. That’s much safer, with far less privacy risk. And this is the Internet we live in. Browsers are trying to evolve as a shield between the user and the websites we visit, protecting us from nasty stuff. Thanks Google, I appreciate that.

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