June 1, 2024

SA5 has a New Autocomplete / Predictive-text Component

SA5 has added a new NOCODE autocomplete component!

Power up your Webflow sites with more powerful navigation, for free.

What is Autocomplete?

Autocomplete, also known as predictive input, is a popular UX pattern that helps users navigate a long list of options. It combines a text input with a dropdown to create an easy-to-use UX for finding a specific service, product, or page.

One if the best uses is navigation, because it's compact and can be placed in your nav bar as a quick navigation tool for your users.

  • Find the right service
  • Find the right product
  • Find the right person, or department
  • Or combine all of this into a single "finder"

SA5's implementation is fully attributes-based and requires no code. We combine Webflow's native form and dropdown elements to create a highly efficient and styleable component.

Our component is also fully CMS capable so that you can utilize one or more Collection List to create your searchable list.

Two-Stage Search Capability

If your Webflow site makes use of Webflow's site search feature, SA5's Autocomplete element can be easily extended to use as a secondary search option.

Typically we position this at the bottom of the list as a final "Search the Site" option. If the user is typing a query and does not find the match they're looking for, they'll see this item and can click it item to perform a full site search instead.

Adding Autocomplete to Your Site

All of the documentation and an instructional video are here for you to build your own Autocomplete with SA5.

SA5 Autocomplete Docs + Video


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