June 2, 2024

Hyperspeed 0.1.9 has dropped!

June 02, 2024 – Sygnal is excited to announce the release of Hyperspeed 0.1.9, a significant update in response to recent changes by both Webflow and Cloudflare in the first half of 2024. This update is designed to seamlessly integrate with Webflow's new asset hosting framework.

On June 1st, Webflow transitioned to a new asset hosting system, altering the asset URL paths to a new prefix: cdn.prod.website-files.com. This shift necessitated a comprehensive update to Hyperspeed, ensuring compatibility and enhanced performance.

Hyperspeed 0.1.9 offers robust solutions for handling these new URL structures, providing users with a seamless and efficient experience. This update underscores Sygnal's commitment to staying ahead of industry changes and delivering top-tier solutions for our clients.

If you are currently on Sygnal's Monitoring and Maintenance Plan, this version has already been deployed for you.

What's New?

Enhanced Asset Coverage

Hyperspeed now offers better asset coverage than ever before. This update ensures that images within CSS, element style attributes, style chunks in your pages, responsive images throughout your site, and video files are all efficiently identified and cached. Together, these improvements result in over 90% cache coverage for a typical production setup, enhancing site performance and load times significantly.

Hyperspeed caches most of your site's media, HTML, and CSS at the edge, which means faster response times and 90% less traffic to Webflow's origin servers - important for busy sites.

In Hyperspeed 0.1.9, asset coverage is better than ever before. Green items here are served from Hyperspeed's edge cache.

Monitoring and Maintenance Plan

We now offer a comprehensive monitoring and maintenance solution to ensure that clients get the most recent updates for their website.

We've found this to be essential for websites who cannot afford downtime and want to ensure maximum performance and cache coverage through Webflow frequent system changes.

This plan includes 24/7 monitoring of your website and your Hyperspeed installation, as well as automatic updates to ensure that your site remains optimized and secure with the latest Hyperspeed features and improvements.

New Internal API

Hyperspeed has introduced an internal API for integrating with Webflow and your site. While more documentation will be provided as this API expands, its primary features currently include cache purge capability when you republish your Webflow site and some experimental APIs for in-depth monitoring and analytics.

What's Next?

We are continually making updates to the core Hyperspeed engine, such as API, coverage, and monitoring improvements.

In addition, we're giving special attention to these areas;

SEO Enhancements

We are developing new SEO features to improve website accessibility, including support for og:url meta tags. These enhancements will help ensure that your content is properly indexed and displayed across social media platforms and search engines.

Image Optimization

Webflow now has the ability to convert CMS assets to WebP format in bulk. However the feature isn't automatic, and clients often do not optimize their images well as they add content to the site. Webflow's WebP solution also does not support image resizing.

Our upcoming updates will include advanced image optimization techniques to ensure that all images are efficiently sized and delivered, enhancing overall site performance and user experience.


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