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Maintain powerful DEV and TEST environments for the code running on your live Webflow site.

So your site has some code, does it?

It started innocently enough. A multi-step form with some enhanced form validations. Then a handful of special UX components. Soon you were adding SEO features, and videos that stop playing when they scroll off-screen. Maybe you've gone further and you have code interacting with external APIs, application-style.

Quickly, it became a real challenge to manage that code. OMG.

The truth is, Webflow's custom coding support just wasn't designed for this level of coding.

The big limitations

If you've done much coding on Webflow, you know the problems too well;

  • Custom code areas are difficult to access for quick changes. They're buried under page settings, or worse-site settings.
  • Every change requires you to republish the site in order to see the impacts.
  • Those changes you make are part of the official site content, so if you
  • There is no source control management, no history, no ability to identify who made a change, or to revert code changes.
  • There is no syntax checking.
  • There's no debugger, no breakpoints, no inspector, no easy way to do real-world developer work.
  • You're forced to use vanilla JS, or jQuery. Modern languages like TypeScript and SASS are not available in the designer.
  • Generally, only one person can be developing at a time, since all code changes must be made directly in the designer.
Whoa. Hold up dude, those are major things, and that's a massive list. Are you saying Sygnal can fix those problems? All of them?!

I'm saying we already have.

About Sygnal DevProxy

Sygnal's DevProxy solution is a full-fledged developer framework on top of your live, Webflow-hosted site.

  • Use real developer IDEs like VSCode, with full integrated syntax checking, auto-complete and a full complement of developer tools.
  • Use TypeScript and SASS. Use full-fledged classes, types, enums, SASS nesting, and more.
  • Fully comment your code as richly as you like, without affecting your live code size.
  • Split your source files into logical libraries, and easily build your embedded scripts.
  • Use Github directly as your repo, to ensure your code is 100% safe. Full support for branching, release management, CI/CD and Github actions.
  • Do your code development locally if you like, or use codespaces.
  • Maintain a separate DEV environment while developing your site. Simply access a special domain, and you'll see your live current site, running your in-development custom code.
  • Maintain a separate TEST environment for your clients, teammates or QA department to review, before you ship to production. All they need is a browser to see it.
  • Have as many developers working simultaneously as you like.

Our team built this because developing on Webflow is a nightmare. DevProxy makes development on Webflow incredibly fun.

How we Deliver this

For a one-time fee, we'll setup your development environment and reverse proxy for you, and show you how to access everything you need.

We use best of class tools, typically Cloudflare, Github, jsDelivr, Netlify.

Typically, we recommend that you do your development in TypeScript and SCSS, using VSCode, but this can be configured around your team's requirements.

You'll have your main production site, plus special DEV and TEST domains that you can access at any time.

And, there is no monthly cost.

Insane, we know.

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