Capturing Leads from Webflow Forms

Alternate Lead-Capture Solutions

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Another option is to skip email notifications altogether.

Automation is a powerful tool, and processing form submissions is one of the first places you'll find massive value. You can use Zapier, Make,, or n8n to trigger an automation every time a form is submitted.

Webflow is even building its own automation platform called Webflow Logic that hold a lot of promise for better form-data processing.

I build systems for this exact purpose, that push to Slack, or into a sales tracking system.

Generally I think of lead-capture as two separate parts;

Lead Notifications

These can go into a team notification system;

  • SMS Alerts
  • Slack notifications

As a secondary part, you may want to notify the person who submitted the form that their submission has been received.

  • A nice, formatted email thank-you message
  • An SMS notification, thanking them

Lead Tracking

For permanent tracking, you can use a general-purpose system;

  • AirTable
  • Google Sheets

Or a purpose-specific one, like a Sales-Force Automation (SFA) system;

  • Pipedrive
  • Nutshell

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