Capturing Leads from Webflow Forms

I'm Not Getting My Leads

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Common causes;

  1. Have your customer check their SPAM folder, first.
  2. Check and verify your Webflow Site's Form settings, to verify that your client's email is still on the notifications list.
  3. > If they clicked the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any form notification email, they will be removed without any notice to you.
  4. Verify that your customer's email address is entered properly in your site's Form settings. If you typo'ed it, you might not know.
  5. > Copy that address, and send a test email to it to verify they're receiving your emails to the right address.
  6. Verify that you are getting notifications too.
  7. > You can add your email address to receive form notifications too.
  8. > If you separate email addresses with a semicolon, you and your client will receive them.
  9. > If you separate email addresses with a comma, you'll receive notifications separately.

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