Capturing Leads from Webflow Forms

What Webflow Offers

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Webflow has built-in forms capture, and processes those form submissions in three ways.

  1. It can send an email notification to email addresses you specify.
  2. It stores the form contents in a sort of "leads database"

Limitations Abound

I love Webflow, but it's clear they are not a data process company, and know very little about sales force automation.

Here are some of the bigger issues;

Email notifications

  • Cannot be styled or branded
  • Have very little customization beyond some templatting options
  • Cannot be resent
  • Cannot be limited to specific forms. It's an all-or-none deal.
  • MUST have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every message
  • > Which, when clicked, unsubscribes that client from notifications with no verification, and no warning
  • > And no notification to you, the webmaster

I can pretty much guarantee that if you rely on Webflow's email notifications, at some point you're going to get a call from an upset customer...

The website's not working. Why are we not getting any leads?


Form data capture

Is very messy, if you change your form, or rename any fields. The table gets confused, and just keeps getting wider... making it less and less readable.

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