Capturing Leads from Webflow Forms

Fixing Notification Unsubscribe Issues

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Unfortunately, in Webflow's forms notifications, they've been forced to include an unsubscribe link on every single form notification email. This appears at the bottom of the message.

Sometimes your clients will get confused, particularly if a spam message comes through one of your forms, and they'll click it- not realizing they are unsubscribing from ALL future notifications as well.

Fortunately, you can simply add their email back in.

Until they click unsubscribe again...

The Reply-To Problem

A bigger problem is that this unsubscribe link conflicts with Webflow's Reply-To templatting feature.

Let's say you've built a form that captures a customer's name and email. For convenience, you've setup your form notifications so that your client can just click Reply, and their email will go to that customer's email.

Cool, eh!

Yeah, it was. The problem now is that the customer will also get that unsubscribe link, and yes they can click it.

What happens when they do? Well, they unsubscribe your client from all future forms notifications.

With just one click. No warning. No confirmation. Nothing.

What's the solution?

  • Fully avoid the Reply-To templatting feature. Yeah it was cool, but now it causes more harm and lost money, than benefit.
  • Teach your clients to compose a new email, rather than clicking reply.

It will look far better, too.

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