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Fixing SPAM Folder Issues
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Alternate Lead-Capture Solutions
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Ah, my notifications are getting flagged as SPAM. What do I do?

Yeah, spam filters do their best, some are smarter than others. Your client's email provider settings is where you need to look.

The main answer here is Whitelisting, which means telling your email provider to always trust messages from specific domains or addresses. This minimizes the chance that those messages will get flagged as spam.

In this case, you want to whitelist;

[email protected]

NOTE: I have occasionally seen disappearing email issues with both Google, and with Outlook 365. The whole email can simply disappear without a trace. No failure is sent to the sender, and there is no trace to the receiver.

With Google I've only seen it when an email contains an attachment that is encrypted.

With Outlook 365, I was not able to determine the cause- it would occasionally

This leads to the reality that if your leads have value to you, that you just might want to skip email notifications altogether.

Another option is to skip email notifications altogether.

I build systems for this exact purpose, that push to Slack, or into a sales tracking system.

Even Google Sheets.

[quote="Scott75, post:5, topic:222071"]

I haven’t got any subscription links in there


It doesn't sound like this is your problem, but it's important to be aware of for the future.

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