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Using Components ( aka. Symbols )

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Components are aggregations of elements which are turned into a reusable element on your canvas.

On the canvas, Components are visually identified with a green outline.

They are particularly useful for elements that you'll be using across multiple pages of your site, such as;

  • Your site navigation and header
  • Your site footer
  • Specific recurring elements like sidebar testimonials

Component Overrides

In Oct-2022 Webflow added the ability to override certain aspects of a component in a particular instance, which expands the use cases for components to include things with structural consistency but content distinctions.

For example;

  • Hero areas, where the background image and text are different
  • Call-to-action ( CTA ) sections, where the message, button action, an button text are different
  • Static testimonials or quotes, where the styling is consistent, but the quotation and speaker vary in each instance of the component

When Should I Use Components?

Any time you have a specific arrangement of elements that you are using on more than one page, and which you want to maintain consistency between, you should probably use a Component.


Currently, Components cannot be CMS-bound, or used within a Collection List.

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