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How do you learn to build great sites in Webflow?

Here's my recommended learning progression for site design.

Importantly, this does not include all of the knowledge areas like SEO and SEM, which are separate tracks you'll want to invest time in for your public sites.

This course offers a suggestion of a general progression, and links to learning resources where possible.

Why is Webflow so Complex?

For new users, Webflow feels far more complex than learning other site builder tools like Wordpress, Wix, or Squarespace.

Joshua Sauder of Design DaVinci frames it well-

Webflow is built for designers, so it feels complex for the same reason photoshop does...

  • Webflow wants to make all of the layout & design capabilities directly accessible to you, rather than delegating that to template designers who make them for you.
  • Those abilities require that a large array of tools & options are exposed to the designer. The more capability you expose, the more UI/UX and learning is required to deliver that capability.
  • Webflow is also trying to expose and align with as much of the HTML5/CSS spec as possible, and leverage that without warping it, or making Webflow a "yoda tool"... something so complex very few can actually use it. But HTML & CSS have their own learning curve, and until you understand them, Webflow won't make much sense.
  • HTML & CSS standards have also changed substantially over the past nearly 30 years, which means you get all the choices.
  • > Take layouts as an example. Should you use relative, fixed, or absolute positioning? Should you use floats? What about flex boxes v. CSS grids? You get access to all of them, even though they have different histories and purposes.
  • > What measurement sizes should you use? Pixels? Ems? Rems? Suddenly you're deep in design theory.  

Overall Webflow does a great job at this, but at the beginning, it's a big lasagna of layers to digest and peel apart.

Getting Started
Getting Started in Webflow
The Webflow Designer
Getting Around the Designer
Basic Site Building
Classes, Layouts & Styling
Learning Forms
Hidden v. Visibility
Using Components ( aka. Symbols )
Webflow Subsystems
CMS, Ecommerce, Logic, & Memberships
Learning the CMS, Collection Lists & Collection Pages
Learning Webflow Ecommerce
Learning Webflow Memberships
Learning Webflow Logic
Online Resources
Extending Webflow
Multilingual Support
Going Beyond Webflow
Going Beyond Webflow
Tips for Advanced Webflow Projects
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