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Static sites look pretty, but they don't do much.

Webflow knows this, and they've continued to add basic functionality that gives us capabilities beyond what a static site can.

Currently, I describe these as Webflow's Subsystems, and they include;

  • CMS - Database-like content management, which allows you to centralize and manage consistent content- blog articles, press releases, real estate property listings, staff listings, etc.
  • Commerce - Online store functionality, including product, variants, and a checkout capability.
  • Memberships - Member management and login capability, with the ability to "gate" content so that it is accessible only to specific access groups.
  • Logic - Webflow's in-built automation solution.

Announced Nov-2022, Webflow is also building out;

  • Library and Components, which can be added into your Webflow projects
  • Multilingual - The ability to support multilingual translations directly within Webflow.



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Moving off Webflow

Headless CMS

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