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Workspace Plans v. Site Plans - What's the Difference?

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Workspace Plans and Site Plans are different things with different capabilities.

To explain those differences, let's introduce the terms FREE v. PAID plans. Here, they mean just what you'd expect them to.

Site Plans

A site is either hosted ( on a PAID site plan ) or un-hosted ( on a FREE starter site plan ).

When a Site is hosted...

  • That PAID Site Plan determines the capabilities of that site
  • The Workspace Plan is irrelevant. It has no bearing on the features that site has.

When a site is un-hosted, i.e. on the FREE Starter Site Plan...

  • The Workspace Plan dictates what development capabilities you have on that un-hosted site.

Workspaces Plans

Your Workspace plan determines your development capabilities- things like the number of un-hosted sites you can be working on, and the capabilities you have on those un-hosted sites.

  • Workspaces are where you build and host sites.
  • Workspaces define the billing entity- everything is charged to the workspace owner, including all hosting fees for any hosted sites in that workspace.
  • In Webflow, all sites - hosted or un-hosted - must be connected to a Workspace.

Common Points of Confusion

  • The Starter Workspace plan and the Starter Site plan are totally unrelated things, that just happen to share similar names. They also share an identical price of FREE. Despite that, they describe entirely different things. Try not to confuse them.
  • The Workspace plan you choose ( FREE, or PAID ) has no impact on the capabilities of the PAID plan Sites you host.
  • > Save one notable capability, which is Code Export. Read here if you are planning to host your site elsewhere.
  • The Worksplace plan you choose has a huge impact on the capabilities of all of the FREE plan Sites in your account.
  • Despite some differences in working in the features grid, the Starter Workspace plan appears 100% identical between the In-House and Freelancer/Agency categories.

e.g. Custom Code & 100 Static Pages

For Example, look at the Custom Code feature. If you need Custom Code, you can either get a PAID Workspace plan, or a PAID Site plan. Either will work.

The same is true for getting the 100 static pages.

Basically, you can think of FREE Webflow ( paying $0 ) as a taster. You can try most anything, except custom code and code export.

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