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I Build Sites for Clients

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You're building sites for clients.

At design-time;

  • You want full access to Webflow features to build the site.
  • You want to control ownership of the site until the site is complete and ready to hand over to the client.

At publish-time;

  • Once the site is built, you want to transfer ownership to the client.
  • You want the client to pay their hosting fees directly to Webflow.
  • You want the client to fully "own" and be able to modify the site using the designer, if they wish to.
  • You want ongoing access to the designer in case the client needs your help with future changes.


Webflow supports this scenario well.

Almost certainly, you should go for the Freelancer or Agency workspace plan. Choose based on;

  • The number of sites you're building
  • The features you need
  • Your team size

These workspaces are specifically designed for freelancers and agencies, and give you the ability to be invited as a guest into another workspace.

This will be important at deployment, and for ongoing client support.

Designing the Site

Build the site entirely in your own workspace.

  • You have ownership of the site
  • You and your team can work on it there
  • Your client can see the results on your webflow.io staging site

Deploying the Site

Once you're done building, you have two choices for deploying the site on Webflow's hosting.

  1. Host it in your account, and bill the client for that hosting
  2. Setup a FREE Workspace for the client, transfer the site there, and then setup hosting in the new account.

Transferring to a Client FREE Workspace

If you choose popular option #2, here are some important notes.

  • Since the Workspace is the billing entity, your client's card would be on it, and they'd be billed directly.
  • All of the features in the site, such as custom code and CMS capabilities, will work fine once the PAID Site plan is active.
  • You will no longer have access, unless you have their login.
  • They will have access to the designer, which is nice for some clients who want to learn and manage their own sites after your initial build.

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