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Setting Up Your Blog

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60% of your success in building a good-looking, manageable blog will be in the setup.

Mock-up your blog

Some people like to start with a Webflow site template, which is a great approach if you find something very close to what you like. You may find one with the CMS already set up.

If you're setting up your own CMS Collection, you can use Webflow's "Blog" CMS template as a starting point, too. It's easily customized from there.

Functionality first

If you're starting with a blank site, in general I'd recommend this approach;

  • Create your site
  • Create your CMS collection. Use the Blog CMS template if you like to create that.
  • Add a bit of content, say 5 blog entries. You can use Webflow's auto-generator for that.
  • Build out your Collection Page
  • > Don't worry about styling yet
  • > Place the main elements, like title, date, author, article content, etc and lay them out the way you want.
  • Create a new Blog page, for listing all entries
  • > Don't worry about styling yet
  • > Place your Collection list, and bind it
  • > Inside the Collection list, figure out how you want to present your article "tiles".
  • > Setup sorting and filtering and pagination on your Collection List the way you want

Publish to staging and test your blog. Work out navigation details and adjust layouts. What works right for you?

Then form, second

Now, go to town on styling.

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Setting Up Your Blog
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