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TIP - Create Your Own Date Fields

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TIP - Create Your Own Date Fields
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Every Webflow Collection comes with 3 date fields, including...

  • Created Date
  • Modified Date
  • Published Date

...but these fields do not work as you'd expect.

They are internal fields that are automatically updated for Webflow's own purposes.

Bloggers often confuse that.

In the binding menu these appear under slightly different names - Created On, Published On, and Updated On;

Published On in particular looks like it should store the date you first published your article- and it does. But it also updates every time you edit and re-publish that article, because to Webflow, it's considered "published," again.

Create Your Own Date Fields

I'd encourage you to avoid those fields completely.

Create your own Date Published field, and use that instead.


@vincent ran some tests here, and has a good explanation here.

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