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Know Your Tools

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If you're a Webflow pro, you're all set here.

If you're new to Webflow, you have a little bit of groundwork to do.

Webflow is not Wordpress.

Wordpress is a blogging platform that already has a CMS and article views designed specifically for blogs.

Webflow is a general-purpose site-building platform. It can do all those things and much more, but you design it from the ground-up, the way you want.

Is Webflow the Right Tool for my blog?

If you're planning a large & complex blog, and you're not familiar with both Webflow and Wordpress, it's worth comparing.

Jeff (@webdev) in the Webflow forums has a few excellent points here;

  • Webflow's rich text editor has limitations vs. WP's block editor
  • You cannot do conditional blocks on a per-blog-entry basis easily in Webflow
  • Responsive images inside of Webflow's rich text fields are weak

What You Need to Know, First

The most central things...

For blogging especially, I'd also recommend that you learn;

Planning Your Blog
Getting Started
Know Your Tools
Setting Up Your Blog
TIP - Create Your Own Date Fields
Editing Articles
Paste Images & Screen Captures into Rich Text
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