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Webflow supports custom scripting & code embeds, but beyond some nice syntax-highlighting, it offers very little in the way of a developer-friendly environment.

To write a script means jumping in and out of the script-editing areas of your site, which itself is slow and cumbersome. Each change you make must be recompiled, and then you test it on your staging site.

What if that process could be vastly improved?

  • No need to keep accessing Webflow's custom code areas
  • No need to recompile your site
  • Just make changes to your code, and hit refresh, and you'll see your new scripts live

Sound like fantasy?

Meet CodePen

Fortunately, CodePen can give you that environment, and allow you to "inject" your code directly into your site.

It provides the perfect toolset while coding your site, and you can even use it to host certain assets on the CodePen CDN.

* Note, the ability to inject code live into your site requires a CodePen Pro plan. The Starter plan is fine, and it's worth every penny.


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