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The Fundamentals of Triggering Flows from External Webhooks

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The Fundamentals of Connecting Logic to External APIs
The Fundamentals of Triggering Flows from External Webhooks
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Connecting Logic to Email Marketing Services
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Connecting Logic to Lead Management Services
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Logic's flows can be triggered by external events, using the Webhook Trigger feature.

Important Limitations

Here are a few important things to know about the current state of Logic BETA. Make sure to plan for these limitations during BETA;

  • [ Dec 2022 ] Webhook triggers output the received data as plain-text only. Other value types like emails and numbers can be received but they are not currently recognized as those value types, so following steps may not be able to bind to them. No word yet on the approach the Logic team will take, but here's one possible solution approach.
  • [ Dec 2022 ] Logic can only parse received JSON. If the service triggering the webhook sends other content formats such as plain text, Logic can not parse the data.
  • The caller must also specify its content as Content-Type: application/json. In services such as Zapier, you can set this as a header on the Webhook Action step.

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