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Connecting Logic to Email Marketing Services

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The Fundamentals of Connecting Logic to External APIs
The Fundamentals of Triggering Flows from External Webhooks
Email Marketing Services
Connecting Logic to Email Marketing Services
Active Campaign
Lead Management Services
Connecting Logic to Lead Management Services
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Common use cases...

  • A regular newsletter, mixing valuable content and
  • A RSS-driven campaign, which sends out news, press release, blog articles, and other content as its published on your site.
  • An email series, which delivers a pre-defined series of emails on a pre-defined schedule, e.g. day 1, day 2, day 5, day 7, day 10. This series is triggered when the new subscriber is added to the list.
  • > e.g. Educational content, like "How to improve your site's SEO, free 10 day course."
  • > e.g. An onboarding process for new members, introducing them to the different features of their membership.

Common Logic Integrations

Typical functions you'd want to trigger from your website include;

  • Add subscriber
  • Add subscriber to group ( or list )
  • Remove subscriber

Common Uses

Add Subscriber

Essentially all of the services in the category have the ability to add a new subscriber through the API.

In general, the only required field is the email. Everything else is optional.


In most services, first name and last name are separated. In an email newsletter, if you started it with "Hey Bob!", you'd just want the first name.

Until Logic has a Formatting or Script block, capability, the easiest way to do this is at the point of data capture. In your originating form, simply ask for the First Name rather than Name, to get the data that best fits your needs here.

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