Using Google Chrome, for Webflow

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Choosing the right browser for your Webflow development depends on a number of factors;

  • What's popular- specifically what your clients will be using.
  • What you find personally comfortable and usable.
  • Designer support;
  • > Ability to see the structure of your page and CSS
  • Optimization support;
  • > Ability to see the performance of your site, where it has issues and where it can be improved
  • Developer support;
  • > Ability to see console script logs, and to set breakpoints

Fortunately, we're currently in a place in history where one browser dominates in all of these spheres.

Google Chrome.

In this course we'll discuss its capabilities, and how to get the most out of it.

Obviously Chrome is not the only browser, and you may love something different. My advice is to go for it. But seek out these capabilities in the browser you're using, and always keep Chrome as a handy tool in your site-building arsenal.

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