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Nice! You've learned how to use multiple windows, and open lots of tabs. Maybe you're using multiple desktops too.

Now, where the heck did that tab go... don't I already have that site open in the Webflow designer?

Wait! A YouTube video just started playing... somewhere. Which desktop is that on? I need to stop it fast.

Chrome's Search Tabs

The magic tool you need is Chrome's Search Tabs feature, which is that little dropdown style icon in the top right of your browser window, just left of the _ minimize window icon.

You can also invoke it with CTRL+SHIFT+A. And you will, a lot.

Simply hit that key-combo and then start typing any part of the tab title you're looking for.

Search works across all browser windows and desktops, and when you find the one you want, you will immediately be brought to that window, that tab, on that desktop.

Tips for Webflow Devs

Webflow consistently names its windows, so it happens that it's relatively easy to find the thing you're looking for.

Hit CTRL+SHIFT+A, and then start typing...

  • Webflow to find all open Webflow designer windows
  • Editor to find all open Editor-mode sites.

Music Playing Somewhere?

At the top of the tabs list, you'll see any tabs that are currently playing audio.

Wait... Did I Close it?

Recently close tabs are also shown, and yes, you can re-open them.

So smart Google. Love it.

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