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Most new Webflow designers will immediately drop an Image element everywhere they want a picture to appear. For some things, that's exactly the right approach. For other things, it creates challenges.

In hero areas;

  • It's difficult to scale that area between desktop and mobile devices.
  • It's difficult to overlay text and buttons on top of the image.
  • If you want consistency, all of your hero images everywhere on your site must be exactly the same aspect ration ( width / height ).

In CMS items, you have similar problems - plus;

  • If your customers will be adding new items, you have to give them the tools and education to size their images exactly right for your layout.

In many cases using a background image approach is a superior choice.


Keep your images efficiently sized.

When you're using a background-image approach, Webflow cannot prepare a media srcset, and browsers cannot download a smaller version.

This means you don't want t be lazy with your asset preparation, or your mobile performance will suffer.

TIP: Use WEBP images whenever you can.

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