Formatting Text in Webflow

Formatting CMS-Bound Rich Text Elements

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Key Points

When a Rich Text Element is CMS-Bound, it has a purple border, and it can not be edited or styled in the Designer. This is because the sub-elements such as paragraphs and headings cannot be selected while it is CMS-bound.

You can un-bind it temporarily, to make those selections available, and then re-bind it.

Or, you can use a style-guide approach;

Make sure you Rich Text Element has a unique class

Create a draft static page in your site called Style Guide

On that page, create a Rich Text Element, and assign it the same class

Because this RTE is not CMS-bound, you can style the sub-elements as needed. Since it shares the same class, the changes you apply here will apply to your CMS-bound RTE as well.

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