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Advanced Memberships Flow Quick Start

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  • Quick start
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Setup & Configuration

Configuration for the webflow-membership-routing library is all contained in the site-wide <head> custom code area;

<!-- Membership routing -->
<script type="module">
import { WfuMembershipRouting } from '';
new WfuMembershipRouting({
  routeAfterLogin: "/u/home",
  routeAfterFirstLogin: "/u/new"


  • Set routeAfterLogin to any valid site path you want users to go at login.
  • > Useful for a members-only homepage
  • > You can use "." as a setting to return them to the page they initiated the login from.
  • Set routeAfterFirstLogin to any valid site path you want users to go at first log-in.
  • > Useful for introducing the site, resource, and new membership features.


  • Currently, there is no ability to login-redirect on the basis of access groups.


Advanced Memberships Flow Quick Start
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