Webflow Memberships


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Memberships is a long-awaited platform capability in the Webflow ecosystem, which currently ( Nov-2022 ) is in BETA and making nice progress.

It involves a few key capabilities;

  • The ability to "gate" parts of your site, so that only selected people can access them.
  • > Gating Pages, Folders, and Collection Pages ( available now )
  • > Gating elements ( coming soon )
  • > Gating individual CMS Collection items ( hopefully in the future )
  • Membership enrollment options
  • > Invitation by email
  • > Self-enrollment
  • The ability to log-in, and log-out, once enrolled
  • The ability to provide for paid memberships

Common Use Cases

  • Control access to specific content and screens, to specific users
  • Sell access to content, e.g. video courses, articles, downloadable materials... on a monthly subscription basis
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