Hyperflow for SEO

Let Sygnal enhance your Webflow site's SEO using our custom-built Hyperflow reverse-proxy solutions.

SEO is hard work. But it doesn't need to be.

Sygnal's reverse proxy solutions can automate laborious tasks and expose certain SEO capabilities that Webflow doesn't offer.

SEO Enhancements to improve your site

Here are a few of the things we can do for your Webflow-hosted site.

Custom Path Structures

Do you want your collection pages to be published at;


Semantic paths that give context to your pages are great for SEO and offer a natural breadcrumbs design. But Webflow doesn't support these.

This is one of our most-requested needs for reverse proxies.

See our Fluid Paths service.

Performance Enhancements

We use the best edge-caching technology to serve your pages and optimize your images- including your CMS images.

See our Hyperspeed service.

Technical SEO

Custom Link rel's

Webflow has a handy new rel capability for links, but it is established per-link. When you have thousands of links,

  • Automatically generate rel=nofollow on every external link
  • Whitelist domains that you want Google to follow

Custom redirects & HTTP response codes

Webflow offers permanent 301 redirects, and a simple wildcard-matching capability. We expand that;

  • 302 redirects
  • Advanced regex pattern-matching
  • Any custom HTTP response code you want
  • Dynamic redirects, depending on specific conditions, internal or external to your site

Custom sitemap.xml

Exclude items, add metadata, or combine sitemaps. Need a last published date, update frequency, and more?

Do you have a multi-domain site and need to deliver Webflow's sitemaps correctly under multiple domain names?

Hyperflow can do all of this.

Custom Canonicals, Robot METAs, and robots.txt

The CMS is great but it doesn't give you much flexibility at the individual article level. For example, what if you want specific items to be excluded from search engine indexing?

Or, what if you want a certain article to have a special canonical, because it's reprinted from another source?

We can generate these how you need so that all of your control is where it should be, in the CMS itself.

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