Webflow Data Loading

Import data into the Webflow CMS, one-time or ongoing

Webflow has a solid CMS import capability and a capable API, but your data must be prepared in the right format and file structure in order to load it.

We help clients with;

  • Architecting your CMS structures to meet your UX needs and data model
  • Converting data into CSV files, from essentially any datasource
  • > XML / RSS to CMS compatible CSV files
  • > Database sources
  • > File archives
  • > Spreadsheets
  • Transforming document libraries into a CMS compatible format
  • > Content extraction, PDF creation, and more
  • > Rich text content preparation

Initial Loads & Ongoing Sync

In some sites, there is a need for an ongoing load process

  • RSS feeds into the CMS
  • Airtable and other synchronizations ( including Whalesync )
  • Automations from 3rd party sources like databases
  • Updates to files such as Google Docs or Google Sheets

We can build these integrations as well.

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