Hyperflow for Google Docs

Embed Google docs directly into your Webflow-hosted site, dynamically.

Google Docs is an incredible product that a lot of business teams use for managing and publishing key content. Now you can integrate that content directly into your Webflow site.  

Key Features

  • Embed any google doc directly into your Webflow-hosted site page
  • Modify the Google doc at any time, and it will update on your site
  • Preserve the exact Google doc styling
  • Preserve all content, including tables, images, and more
  • The doc content is fully part of the page, and fully SEO-able
  • Does well with responsiveness
  • Works with the CMS, so that you can have a different doc for each page

Full Formatting Support

Everything in your Google doc can be embedded directly into your Webflow site;

  • Headings, paragraphs
  • Lists, including hierarchical nested lists
  • Bold, italics, superscripts, subscripts, strikethrough, highlight
  • Font family, size, color, and highlight color  
  • Images
  • Tables, including column spans and row spans
  • Smart embeds
  • Links


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