The Car Cleaning Company

The Car Cleaning Company's website was rebuilt from the ground up to make bookings easier, and to help customers find the type of clean they want.

Like any good website, this is a living breathing process... we watch the analytics, and make adjustments, and watch Analytics to see how users react to the changes.

60% of The Car Cleaning Company's customers book their car cleaning by mobile phone, so it is essential that we consider their needs first.

The result? A beautiful, clean website, which is very high-converting.

Special Features

This website features...

  • Integrated online booking for all services.
  • Live chat support.
  • Cross-site navigation bar, to showcase the entire family of businesses.
  • News alerts
  • Special offers and featured services
  • Heavy SEO-centred design, by service type, specific detailing items, vehicle make & model, and more.