The Advotist

The Advotist is a site devoted to transparency in political funding and in identifying potential bias of media and consumer companies.
It's designed to empower consumers in making informed decisions about where they'd like to spend their money, and which organizations they'd like to support.

Because their site contains an enormous amount of data and complex table presentations, Webflow's CMS design and publishing model presented a series of challenges- particularly in creating the designer's ideal layouts across multiple device breakpoints.

Among other things, we worked on;

  • Data modeling
  • Dynamic table layouts
  • Responsive navigation
  • A shareables feature with custom URLs and a slider
  • Custom CSS to support a dark mode variation
  • Data loading process to simplify import of updates
  • Dynamic calculations, like the most recently updated date

We fully enjoyed working with the designer on this project, particularly because of the incredible design work he's done and the fantastic vision of the project.

Check it out at The Advotist!