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Using Cloudflare's DNS

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Domain Name Server (DNS)
Using Cloudflare's DNS
Troubleshooting Your DNS
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Why use Cloudflare's DNS?

Here's why we use it, at Sygnal.

  • For basic use, it's free. Many domain registrars are now charging extra for DNS services, so you can save some dosh.
  • It supports all record types, and has a great user interface.
  • It automatically scans for and absorbs previous DNS records as you're migrating a new domain to Cloudflare, which makes migration smoother.
  • It supports CNAME Flattening, which is a necessary feature if you want to be able to configure yourdomain.com your default domain, rather than www.yourdomain.com. Even if you don't go that route, it's nice to have that option.
  • It propagates quickly, so your changes are picked up fast.
  • Some 3rd party services like Google Search Console can automatically do the DNS verification, saving you time. Very convenient.

Important Notes on Setup

Auto-import DNS zone

Cloudflare has a great feature for detecting and importing your DNS zone automatically however it does not catch everything.

Make sure to compare your DNS records against your original DNS for any missing ones, especially TXT and CNAME records.

Proxy Setting

For a standard Webflow hosting setup, make SURE that the proxy setting is turned off on your A and CNAME records.

Advanced Uses

  • It supports advanced features like Cloudflare Rules, which allow for e.g. advanced redirection.
  • It has the ability to import bulk configurations. When you're dealing with a lot of client sites, this makes it a breeze to import your Webflow settings, and then your Google Workspace settings, in seconds.
  • It positions you for advanced configurations such as reverse proxy setups.

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