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Google Sheets
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Google sheets is a fantastic tool for preparing your data for the Webflow CMS. It's easy to use, free, and highly capable.

Just as important, your client can access it to complete and review data work before you do the load.

Useful Functions

These are some of the functions and techniques worth knowing about;

Named Ranges

Name ranges for reference and administration. Ranges can be open-ended with e.g. Team = A2:A


Determine the number of populated cells in a table

COUNTA(Team) = 223


The SEQUENCE function allows you to generate numeric sequences.

  • Generate integer sequences for explicitly sorted data. Here I recommend organizing your data the way you want, and then generate an integer sequence with a step of 10. That makes it easy for your client to insert new items later with minimal collision.
  • Demonstration data. If you need to show 100 items and identify them as they shift and move about the page, this is an ideal way to numerically identify them.


Random Selection from a List, a technique outlined by Kieran Dixon here.

=index(Team, RANDBETWEEN(1,COUNTA(Team)))

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