SEO Rich Results

Significantly improve how your website appears in Google's search engine results, with special "rich markup" programming in your page design.

Ever since the introduction of search engines, programmers and standard developers have been trying to devise better, cleaner, more effective ways of indexing the web.

These efforts have taken many forms - Google Rich Results, WPSSO Schema, JSON-LD, Structured Data, Rich Snippets, and SEO Markup are just a few of the popular names.

But the key goals are the same-

  • Identify structured data, such as event details, organisation details, and product reviews
  • Allow that data to be read accurately by search engines, from a web page
  • Use that data to provide better views, and more meaningful search results

The State of the Technology 


Google is perhaps the leader in this space, and you can see examples in current search results.

Currently support exists for structured items such as-

  • Articles
  • Events
  • Local Businesses
  • Products
  • Recipes
  • Reviews & Ratings
Product ratings are often displayed on retail sites, such as Amazon and Best Buy

How this Helps You

Designing your website for rich results allows your listings to appear with far more detail, and much more richly than your competitors listings.

You get to stand out, and improve the chances that your customers will click on your listing.

Recipes can combine a rating with a photo and description, cooking time, and details

Educational courses
Business details, such as social profiles

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