Webflow Reverse-Proxy Solutions

Maximize your Webflow site's performance with Sygnal's reverse-proxy solutions.

Webflow's hosting has a lot to offer.

Aside from the incredible convenience of one-click publishing, you also have access to the CMS, in-built form handling, ECommerce, User Accounts, Logic, and more.

However, like any platform, it has limitations.

  • It's not as fast as it could be
  • There is no automatic image optimization
  • It has very rigid path structures for CMS pages
  • It has limited in-built SEO support, such as the lack of nofollow link rules that can be widely applied
  • It has tight restrictions on monthly bandwidth and traffic, which are easy to exceed with a popular site
  • Very limited support for custom code makes it difficult to build rich site experiences and system integrations.

How Reverse Proxies Help

A reverse proxy is a high-performance framework that sits between your visitors and your Webflow-hosted site. It allows up to cache and deliver sites more efficiently, optimize images, to capture valuable information, and to modify the results returned to your visitors.

Sygnal builds custom reverse proxy setups for our clients to solve these types of problems in powerful ways.

Here are some of the key ones;

Significant Performance Improvements

There are a lot of factors that go into a high-performing site, but there are two key ones-

  • Minimize the response-time for each file requested
  • Minimize the download size of each file requested

We use edge-caching to make certain your website files are as close as possible to the user requesting them, and we can automatically optimize the images throughout your entire site.

BONUS: This can mean a substantial improvement in your Core Web Vitals, and SEO.

Learn more about our Reverse Proxy for Performance solutions.

Significantly Reduced Hosting Costs

Webflow is currently tightening its restrictions on plan bandwidth and monthly visitor count, and requiring customers to upgrade who regularly exceed this.

The problem is that the cost increase between Webflow's Business Plan and Webflow's Enterprise Lite is substantial, at more than 30 times the annual cost.

Fortunately, you can dramatically reduce traffic to Webflow's origin servers and state well within your plan limit if you proxy and cache the traffic to your site.

Learn more about our Reverse Proxy to Reduce Hosting Costs solutions.

Custom Path Structures

Do you want your collection pages to be published at;


Semantic paths that give context to your pages are great for SEO and offer a natural breadcrumbs design. But Webflow doesn't support these.

This is one of our most-requested needs for Reverse Proxies.

Learn more about Sygnal's Fluid Paths.

Custom SEO

SEO is hard work, but it doesn't always need to be.

Sygnal can;

  • Customize how your sitemap.xml is delivered
  • Customize your paths
  • Customize your canonical URLs
  • Customize how external links are handled site-wide, e.g. adding rel=nofollow to all external links automatically

Learn more about Sygnal's Reverse Proxy for SEO solutions.

Enhanced Content Security

Some content such as conditionally hidden elements are still in your page, even when you cannot see them.

We can remove these for enhanced security and performance.

We also-

  • Can do special conditional visibility for user account content
  • Can hide or show specific content regionally or by country

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