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We assist all kinds of clients and industries in building custom products & solutions for their business.‍

Sygnal is the developer of SnapTag, a uniquely powerful QR code technology platform.

We're frequently asked how we can assist technology startups in the design, development & support of new QR code-based technology projects.

We assist all kinds of clients and industries in building custom products & solutions for their business.

For example;

  • Capture leads, enter in sweepstakes, or build social media following
  • Provide product info, real-estate info, vehicle specifications, etc.
  • Business card and contact sharing
  • Warranty registration
  • Security applications
  • Inventory tracking, asset tracking, and warehousing applications
  • Ticket and purchase applications
  • Community shared information boards
  • Manufacturing tracking
  • Shipment tracking
  • Food security tracking & tracing

Business Plan & Product Specification

If you are developing a product for resale, we start by doing a research project where we outline the product-

  • Product specification
  • Recommended delivery phases
  • Target audience
  • Use cases
  • Technology
  • Specific design details
  • Back-end systems
  • Market research
  • Most of our clients use these documents in funding round.

These companies often use that prior to a funding round and market research.

Special Projects & Customizations

For business that need a custom system for their own internal use, we can help you build and host a system for your own business.

We’ve done this for warehouse inventory management, warranty registration, customer feedback systems, etc.

A good example is, if you’re a winery looking to increase sales and repeat business, we can QR the bottles and allow customers worldwide to order more online, to gather vintage statistics and feedback, to add customers to a mailing list, or allow them to do a Facebook review.

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