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Sygnal will setup, optimize, and help you maintain your Google My Business (GMB) listing to promote your business free of charge through Google's services.

GMB is designed for business with a physical business location, or that operate in a specific service area. It is most effective for businesses that have storefronts, venues, or offices that they want clients to find.

For delivery and out-call businesses, it works best if you operate in a smaller, well-defined service area such as a city, or neighborhood.

Unlike Google Ads, GMB costs you nothing for clicks or promotion.

What is Google My Business (GMB)?

GMB is Google free listing service for business, that enables you to promote your business in Google's search results and on Google maps.

It's a very powerful way for customers to find you, connect with you.

Here's what it offers;

  • The ability to represent your exact business location or service area on Google Maps
  • Categories for you business so that people can quickly find you by the products or services you provide- e.g. restaurant, cafe, hair salon, medical center, car repair.
  • The ability to add your branding, logo, and images to represent your business, products and services.
  • Links to your website.
  • One-touch dialing to call you from a mobile phone
  • Opening hours, and holiday hours
  • The ability for customers to share their ratings and reviews of your business
  • (optional) The ability for customers to contact you by messaging service
  • (optional) Restaurants can integrate a table reservation service if you use one

Using Google My Business

Set-and-forget. GMB adds tremendous value to your business simply by having your business listed. Many business choose this approach, and spend no time

There is no monthly fee, and you can update your listing any time through the GMB app, or directly through Google Search or Google Maps.

The basic things you'll want to keep current are your business & holiday hours, so that your customers know when you are open.

Ideally, you will respond to customer comments and ratings, thanking customers who praise your business, and sorting out issues for clients who had an issue. This shows that you care, and are responsive to your customers' needs.

If you choose, you can allow customers to contact you by chat, for quick response to immediate questions.

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