Domain Name Research

The most essential first step - make certain you have the right domain names for your business.

The domain names your business chooses are a crucial part of protecting your brand and products.

Start your domain name research as soon as possible. In a perfect world, your company name is finalized after your domain name search has been complete, so that you get 100% of your business traffic, and you are properly brand-protected.

Choosing good domain names

Here are a few important factors we consider in our selection;

  • Length. Short domain names are important- especially since half of all your customers are typing them on a mobile phone.
  • Geographically relevant. If your customers are primarily in one country, use that country's top-level-domain, e.g. .nz or Not only is this easier for your users, but Google cares as well.
  • Avoid hyphens, like They are difficult to type, and may be difficult to see in certain printed fonts.
  • Avoid doubled letters, like It's too easy to misstype, and difficult to read.
  • Make it easy to spell upon hearing it.
  • Make it easy to remember upon seeing it.
  • Unique & distinct, not easily confused with another brand, especially a competitor's. This is especially important as a large percentage of your customers access your site through Google search, and Google auto-corrects spellings. The wrong name, and you could be investing in someone else's business.
  • Space-complete. We identify and recommend the full range of names you should consider to protect your brand, in your market.

What we do

We'll help you;

  • Identify and short-list available names for your business and brand
  • Search both geographically local, and international name options; there are roughly 400 top-level domains available, covering a huge range of industries.
  • Search expiring names, where available, to find key names that will likely become available soon.
  • Examine registered names to identify which might be available for purchase, and which are owned by competitors
  • Setup the necessary registrar account, register and configure the names you choose, under your legal business so you have full control
  • Identify competition which is brand-adjacent


Price: Starting from $100+gst
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