Auckland & Hobbiton Tours

NAVI Tours is a New Zealand tour company who markets their tours to an international audience, in specific highly-profitable markets. 

The website is the center of their sales platform, and it needed to be fast, easy to navigate, and very friendly to mobile phones and tablets. 

It also needed to be easy to edit, so that the staff can update tours & specials daily. 

The Website Project

We designed a media-rich site to showcase the experiences they offered and help them attract leads.

The website integrates with all of their marketing campaigns, Google Analytics and Search Console to provide them with the best possible business opportunities.

It also offers;

  • Credit card checkout support for tour bookings.
  • Integration into their tour bookings system, so that bookings are securely stored and tracked.
  • Site-wide search capability.
  • Featured, tours & related tours.
  • Tour categories, to make shopping easy.
  • Featured regions, so people can choose tours based on the areas they want to see.
  • Full Google Analytics tracking, including conversion measurements, Navi has the ability to see each tour's bookings value in Google Analytics next to their Advertising expense, and make key marketing decisions.