What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting refers to storing all of your website files for your website, and delivering them to people who visit your website.

When someone visits your website at, e.g. YOURWEBSITE.COM, there needs to be a server listening for those requests, and then deliver the requested pages and artwork.

Why is web hosting a monthly fee?

A simple analogy would be a mobile phone v. the phone company's mobile service. You need both the phone and the monthly service, in order to make calls.

Sygnal designs & builds websites primarily on Webflow, and uses Webflow's hosting service to deliver your website to the world.

What does Webflow's hosting provide?

  • High-performance web hosting, on Amazon's cloud.
  • Support for multiple domain names, pointing to the same website.
  • CMS support, if you have e.g. any product or service databases in your website, Webflow allows you to store and manage that data.
  • Editor support. You can make edits to your website yourself, using Webflow's editor.
  • Form capture when customers submit "contact us" forms
  • CAPTCHA, which is an anti-spam technology for form submissions.

Is it possible to host my website elsewhere?

Generally, no.

Most websites make use of Webflow's CMS database, and without that, your website would not function.

Even if your website is completely a "static" website with no database, you'd lose the editor support, and would need a way to rebuild form submissions to allow clients to contact you by web form.

At best, your website would be quite handicapped, at worst, it wouldn't work at all. We don't recommend it.