April 17, 2022

Sygnal Partners with Invicta Analytics to Expand Business in ASIA-PACIFIC

In 2010, Sygnal established a branch in Auckland, New Zealand to support our customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The business has grown tremendously since then, and become a development hub focused on Internet publishing, online marketing, and QR code technologies. We're currently serving more than 50 clients in this space.

Invicta provides business consulting services, with an extensive background in advisory and financial services, and sought out Sygnal's experience with technology and marketing to help its clients grow.

After working together for the past 4 years, and finding tremendous success in helping our clients through impacts of the COVID pandemic, we decided to formalize our partnership for the future.

Invicta Analytics provides business management consulting and advisory services, including finances, accounts and tax work.

Sygnal Technology provides technology consulting, websites and online marketing, and specialized projects to help business expand markets and minimize operational costs.

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