March 17, 2021

Sygnal Partners with Dreamscape & IT Labs to Provide Better Domain Registration Support

In March 2021, Sygnal's technical advisory board made the unanimous decision to change domain providers for our clients.

Previously, we were working with two primary domain registrars-

  • For New Zealand domains, including .NZ, .CO.NZ, .ORG.NZ, and .KIWI domains, we used Discount Domains.
  • For International & specialized domains, including .COM, .ORG, and custom TLD's, we used

We've had a great partnership with Discount Domains, which for many years provided fantastic service and a solid administration system. However in the past 2 years Discount Domains has raised prices significantly, and rolled out a new administrative interface that has created serious problems for our admin team and our clients alike.

After a number of escalating client complaints and pricing issues, we determined that it was time to find a more stable and cost-effective solution for our clients' domain registration needs.

What is Sygnal Domains?

Sygnal Domains is a partnership between Dreamscape ( Singapore ) and IT Labs ( New Zealand ) to provide centralized, secure domain-name registration and configuration for all of your domains.

Following migration, the portal to access and manage your domains can be found here-


We're very excited about the advantages the new partnership and registrar platform provide.

  • Much lower costs for your domain names and renewal fees.
  • The ability to cost-effectively register all of your domain names ( NZ & International ) in one central place.
  • A much faster DNS capability using Cloudflare.
  • A cleaner and easier-to-use interface for managing and registering your domain names.

How will my domain names be migrated?

We're performing most of the domain name migrations over Easter weekend-

  • There should be no disruptions to your website service or email
  • We'll send you account details for login as soon as your migration is complete
  • International names such as .COM and .KIWI may take 7 to 10 days for the transfer to complete

If you have any questions, contact us our domain team at [email protected].

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