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Maximize your Webflow site's performance with Sygnal's reverse-proxy solutions.

Want your Webflow-hosted site to be faster, and with better Core Web Vitals and Google Lighthouse scores?

There are a lot of factors that go into a high-performing site, but there are two key ones that apply to every site-

  • Maximize the speed of response, for each file requested
  • Minimize the download size of each file requested

Fortunately, your Webflow site can be much, much faster.

How does it work?

We take a two-pronged approach;

  • We use edge-caching to make certain your website files are as close as possible to the user requesting them,
  • We optimize your images throughout your site as high quality WEBP's for minimum file size. We do this not only for your assets, but for all of your CMS-stored images as well.

How well does it work?

I'll be honest, this one surprised even us.

It's uncommon to see a 99 on a Webflow-hosted site, so we had to screenshot this one. Normally, you'll see 10 to 20 points of improvement in Google Lighthouse Scores.

Actual Google Lighthouse score on a proxied Webflow-hosted site.
Remember: performance is an important aspect This can mean a substantial improvement in your Core Web Vitals, and SEO.

What does it cost?

We primarily use Cloudflare for our custom reverse proxy builds, due to its blazingly fast edge-cached architecture and high-performance workers.

One-time setup cost

Sygnal charges a one-time setup fee to build and configure the reverse proxy for your site. Typically this runs $350 usd, for the reverse-proxy setup, programming and configuration.

For highly active sites that publish frequently, we can do a deeper integration for $500 usd ( total ), which includes a cache purge that automatically occurs whenever you republish your site. This allows users to see your new content immediately on publication, rather than waiting for the cache to expire.

Monthly cost

The edge-caching performance features can be setup so that there is no ongoing monthly cost for you. You'll see a nice performance boost, particularly in latency- the site will just seem quicker to load and respond.

Image optimization features require a Cloudflare Pro account, and have a monthly cost of $25 usd/mo ( $20/mo on annual plans ).

If you're looking for even greater performance, there are even more options and features we can take advantage of, some of which have additional fees with Cloudflare.

How is my site configuration affected?

Your domain name will remain wherever you've registered it.

Your DNS will need to be migrated to Cloudflare ( we can help ). This process is simple, and once it's setup you simply change your nameservers at your domain registrar.

Once that's complete, everything else is handled by us within your Cloudflare account.

There are no changes to your Webflow hosting or hosting configuration.

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