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Maximize your Webflow site's performance with Sygnal's reverse-proxy solutions.

Want your Webflow-hosted site to be faster, and with better Core Web Vitals and Google Lighthouse scores?

There are a lot of factors that go into a high-performing site, but there are two fundamental factors that apply to every site-

  • Maximize the speed of response, for each file requested
  • Minimize the download size of each file requested

Both of these can be accomplished with Sygnal's Hyperflow reverse proxy solution.

How does it work?

We take a two-pronged approach;

  • We use high-performance edge-caching to make certain your website files are as close as possible to the user requesting them.
  • We can automatically optimize your images throughout your site as high quality WEBP's for minimum file size. We do this not only for your assets, but for all of your CMS-stored images as well.

How well does it work?

The exact performance improvement depends on your site and content.

In general, we typically see 10 to 20 points of improvement in Google Lighthouse Scores.

Google Lighthouse score on a Webflow-hosted site + Sygnal Hyperflow.
In this example, image optimization is enabled for maximum performance.
Note: performance is an important aspect of your SEO strategy as well. This can mean a substantial improvement in your Core Web Vitals.

What does it cost?

We primarily use Cloudflare for our custom reverse proxy builds, due to its blazingly fast edge-cached architecture and high-performance workers.

One-time setup cost

Sygnal charges a one-time setup fee to build and configure the reverse proxy for your site. Typically this runs $500 usd for the reverse-proxy setup, programming and configuration.

For highly active sites that publish frequently, we can do a deeper integration for $750 usd ( total ), which includes a cache purge that automatically occurs whenever you republish your site. This allows users to see your new content immediately on publication, rather than waiting for the cache to expire.

Monthly cost

The edge-caching performance features are designed so that there is no ongoing monthly cost for you.

However, there are two features that you may want as part of your setup that require a Cloudflare Pro account, which has a monthly cost of $25 usd/mo ( $20/mo on annual plans ).

  1. Image optimization. We can automatically optimize the size and compression for every image on your site, including CMS-stored images.
  2. Caching statistics. If you want to see how well your cache setup is performing, we highly recommend the pro account for at least the first few months of service. The ability to see the exact cache performance is fantastic.
We recommend that you budget for at least 2 to 3 months of Cloudflare Pro so that you can see the full caching performance reports.
For clients who want the image optimization capabilities, you will need Cloudflare's Pro service long term. In this case, we recommend that after 2 months ( in which you review and assess traffic ), you switch to the annual plan to reduce the ongoing cost by 20%.


How is my site configuration affected?

Your domain name will remain wherever you've registered it.

Your DNS will need to be migrated to Cloudflare ( we will set that up for you ). This process is simple, and once it's setup you simply change your nameservers at your domain registrar to use Cloudflare's DNS.

Once that's complete, we do all of the programming and configuration needed within your Cloudflare account.

There are no changes to your Webflow hosting or hosting configuration.

Is my site still secure?

Yes. Your site has end-to-end SSL.

Are there any interruptions to my site or publishing process during setup?

No. You can continue publishing and updating your site as normal.

We'll build and test your reverse proxy, and the process of activating it is seamless. However we do prefer to do this step after hours ( as defined by your site's primary audience & geographic location ), just as a part of our sysops best practices.

If you use Google analytics, it's an ideal way to determine your daily and weekly low-traffic periods.

What if I wanted to "undo" the proxy setup someday?

Any time you want to disable the reverse proxy, you can either;

  • Return your Nameservers to their original settings, and use your original DNS, or;
  • Switch off Cloudflare's proxy settings in the Cloudflare-hosted DNS.

Either approach will return your Webflow site to its original un-proxied configuration.

How do updates work with caching?

In an edge cached site, our goal is to cache your Webflow site as much as possible. We can configure your caching depending on your publishing needs.

Typically, we use a 4 hour cache for HTML, which means that if you edit a blog post and republish it, it may take up to 4 hours for those changes to appear for some users. We can vary this to balance your performance goals with your update needs.

Does this work with Webflow ECommerce?

This is the one situation we have not fully tested. None of our current clients use Webflow ECommerce. If you use it, let us know.

How quickly can you implement this for us?

Contact us to make arrangements as soon as possible, and we'll schedule in your reverse proxy build. It takes less than a week for us to complete setup, but we have a lot of client requests so the timing will depend on our availability.

If you are in an emergency situation, let us known that you need an emergency solution, and we'll see if we can re-prioritize our project commitments. There's a surcharge for this added work of 50%.

What is the implementation process?

Once the invoicing is complete, the process looks like this;

  1. DNS Setup
    1. You send us your full DNS zonefile, exported from your DNS
    2. We setup your Cloudflare account and DNS ( you have full access to your own Cloudflare account )
  2. Nameserver migration
    1. You update your nameservers ( this is seamless )
    2. We verify all traffic is routing properly
  3. Pro account setup ( optional )
    1. Optionally, if you want some of Cloudflare's advanced features like cache reporting and Image optimization, you'll then add your credit card and enable Cloudflare pro.
  4. Reverse proxy build and configuration
    1. We build, install, and configure your reverse proxy and caching settings
    2. Activation, we turn on your proxy and test it
  5. Monitoring
    1. We watch your traffic statistics over the next few days to ensure everything is optimized

We'll do videos for you to familiarize you with Cloudflare's reports and how to monitor them.

How do I start?

  • Contact us, using the form below
  • Send us details of your site, the published link and any details on specific needs you have, such as your current traffic to Webflow servers, where your site is "heavy" or "slow", and how frequently you publish.
  • We'll reply by email and finalize the details and billing for you to get you setup as quickly as possible

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