Complete Products & Solutions

Sygnal develops and maintains a core suite of technologies, which are effectively Sygnal's own competitive advantage in the field of systems development. These core technologies provide much of the basic infrastructure needed in large systems development, and range from data storage and retrieval to reporting and communications technologies.

Many of these technologies have advanced to the point where they have become independent products.

Content Management Systems


A fully-featured website publishing system and content management system (CMS) with a simplified markup language called xTxT.xDriveA binary file CMS, which specializes in storage and retrieval of files, images, mp3's, etc. It's especially suited to storing & retrieving XML metadata, such as file descriptions, titles, etc. And specialized content handling, e.g. on-the-fly image transformations, specified in the request Url


xStore allows you to store and manage Product listings and arrange them in Catalogs. These embed directly in your Miru site (or any other XML-capable publisher), and link directly with your favorite shopping cart & payment processor.


A full multiple-author blogging framework. xBlog is designed specifically for time-based publications, such as a news feed or blog. It supports full integration with websites, using a variety of approaches.

Business Technologies


An invoice generation system which provides for the storage, retrieval and custom formatting of business invoices. xInvoice can output to HTML, Email, PDF, and even XML formats. Invoice styling is completely customizable.

Project Manager (Windows-based)

A deployment manager tool for deploying Windows and Web-based applications to production servers. Performs backups, version tracking, and notifications.

Domain Manager (Windows-based)

Allows you to manage domain name registrations across multiple registrars. Domain Manager is primarily targeted towards web developers who need to manage domain names on behalf of multiple clients.

Mailing List Manager (Windows-based)

Allows you to manage email lists across multiple email newsletter providers such as Constant Contact. This application is primarily targeted towards list managers who need to manage email newsletters on behalf of multiple clients, however it works just as well in a service centre or front-office situation, where you need to be able to add and remove list subscribers quickly and painlessly. The tool supports quick list management, including adding, editing, deleting, and blacklisting subscribers. Blacklisting ensures that if a client requests to no longer be mailed, they will never be accidentally re-added to your list through bulk updates.